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We all know our brains are divided - one part, the conscious mind, stays in the “now” state and the other part, the subconscious works in the background, controlling our “vital life functions” - heartbeat, breathing, etc, however most importantly our inner sub-conscious thoughts, dictate our decisions . . .


influencing our choices on a minute to minute basis!


Deep in the subconscious are our instincts passed down over the years, these instincts and our conditioned responses (the ones learned as a result of learning and repetition) control and shape our characters, our futures and ultimately the success in everything we do . . .


The idea that having a “positive mental attitude” can make you successful is simply wrong. It will help short term but to be successful takes a complete mind-change! Thinking about being positive is a ”conscious" decision and your sub-conscious will always over-ride your "conscious" mind!


You need to learn how to change your sub-conscious mind.


Good news ~

change your sub-conscious and you'll think and behave in a different way!

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